Help to resolve small business disputes

Which types of disputes can the VSBC help resolve?

As well as providing commercial tenants and landlords with fast access to mediation to resolve rent disputes, we’re also here to help with a range of small business disputes that might arise during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

These include disputes relating to:

  • financial providers or insurers e.g. a business owner not being able to negotiate a reduction or deferral in loan repayments
  • goods or services that haven’t been paid for e.g. a restaurant owner that hasn’t been able to pay their meat supplier because they’ve experienced a downturn in trade
  • goods or services that were agreed to but weren’t delivered e.g. a cleaning business that hasn’t provided cleaning services because of restrictions in response to coronavirus
  • good or services that were of poor quality e.g. a building contractor having to find a new sub-contractor and then having issues with the quality of work.

What if an invoice hasn’t been paid?

Small business owners might find they’re not being paid by big businesses that have extended their supplier payment terms.

With the Victorian Government paying all outstanding supplier invoices within 10 business days, the VSBC is urging big businesses to do the same and where there are delays in payment, small business owners can seek our help.

How does the VSBC help?

We can help resolve disputes by assisting early on, often just over the phone, and where the issue can’t be resolved this way, through a quick and low-cost mediation service that works.

At mediation, an experienced, independent mediator explores options and guides negotiation with the aim of reaching a resolution that both parties accept.

Applying for help

For help in resolving a business dispute, apply online.


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