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The Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC) receives feedback from small business owners and operators who have experienced successful dispute resolution through either preliminary assistance or mediation services.

What you have said about us

Thank you for your assistance with this frustrating matter! Very professional, compassionate & courtesy shown towards my case. Small business is hard enough without having to deal with petty, unresolvable issues like this.


It’s unfortunate that we had to get the VSBC involved, but it was an effective way to get payment from our suppliers, thank you.


I appreciate your advice and support. It is reassuring to have a system in place when things go wrong and you have nowhere to turn.


I would like to thank the VSBC for its role of acting as an intermediary in this discussion process, that ultimately lead to a successful dispute resolution (by successful, I mean that both parties were able to agree upon a resolution to the dispute, and avoided an escalation to the civil courts).


I wouldn’t have received a cent if it wasn’t for the VSBC intervention.


The service provided was worthwhile, prompt and productive and has diverted the matter from going to the courts. It has also saved the two parties legal costs, time away from our business and wasting the magistrates court time.


Glad to know this service exists and there is a way for small business to be heard.


Thank you also for your prompt assistance in this and many other matters.  We finalised another matter yesterday at VSBC saving the parties time and money.


I have been in small business all my life and I am now in my late 60’s. I would like to say how wonderful I think your service is and how easy it was to find, complete and submit my small business dispute form.


The VSBC service allowed us to resolve the complaint in a cost effective and timely manner. A great service for small businesses.

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