Mediation checklist

Steps to prepare before the day

Before you attend your mediation session, there are a few things you need to do to prepare.

Ask yourself if you have:

  • read the Victorian Small Business Commission’s (VSBC) guide to mediation
  • read the mediation agreement document
  • considered if you are able to attend mediation (N.B. if you are unable to attend, you must provide authority for a representative to make decisions on your behalf. This must be given to the VSBC before mediation. You must also notify the VSBC of all people who will be attending the mediation session and their role. Learn more by reading our web page on authority to participate in mediation.)
  • prepared a short statement to tell your side of the story
  • collected all relevant documents to bring to the mediation session
  • considered or obtained legal or other professional advice
  • considered or obtained legal or other professional representation at the mediation session
  • considered inviting a support person to attend on the day
  • made travel plans to get to the mediation venue and back, including any parking requirements
  • paid the invoice for the mediation fee within seven days of the date on the invoice.

Preparing for your mediation session

Mediation strategy

Ask yourself if you have considered:

  • possible ways of resolving the dispute
  • what outcome you would like to achieve at mediation
  • what the other party would like to achieve at mediation
  • how the other party will react to your proposals
  • possible compromises you can afford to accept
  • the consequences of not reaching agreement at mediation.

Mediation fees

Before your mediation session, the VSBC will email you and the other party an invoice for the mediation fee. Payment is required within seven days of the date on the invoice. If payment isn’t made within seven days by both parties, the mediation session will be cancelled and if requested, a certificate may be issued noting that a party has withdrawn from mediation or refused to mediate.

For more information, see question 1 of our mediation FAQs.


Have you asked the VSBC to arrange an interpreter for the mediation session, if needed?

More information

For more information, see our guide to mediation.


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