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Feedback and complaints about us

Your thoughts about your experience with the Victorian Small Business Commission are important to us. Feedback and complaints help guide our work and are a way for us to learn and improve.

If you would like to send us feedback or a complaint about your mediation or dealings with a VSBC staff member, you can email us or write to the Commissioner:

The Victorian Small Business Commissioner
GPO Box 4509
Melbourne, Victoria 3001

What happens if I make a complaint?

If you send us a complaint about our services, we will contact you within five working days. We will let you know we have received your complaint and are reviewing the concerns you have raised.

The Commissioner will appoint a VSBC staff member to carry out the review. During the review, you may be contacted with a request to discuss your complaint or to provide further information.

Once we have completed the review, the Commissioner will contact you with the outcome.

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