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About VSBC

About us & what we do

We offer low-cost dispute resolution services, including mediation, and champion the rights of small businesses. Everything we do is to empower Victorian small businesses with the right tools to avoid or resolve disputes quickly, so they can focus on building their businesses.

We can help with:

  • business-to-business disputes
  • business-to-government disputes
  • retail leasing disputes
  • disputes between owner drivers and forestry contractors and their hirers
  • farm debt mediation
  • disputes between taxis, hire cars and rideshare drivers and operators
  • franchising disputes.

How we help

  • Preliminary assistance: VSBC staff will provide information to small business on their rights and obligations to prevent or help resolve issues. This is done by email, over the phone, on the website or our brochures and fact sheets.
  • Pre-mediation assistance: our staff will contact both parties, by phone, or email to help resolve the dispute.
  • Low-cost mediation: we get you and the other party together with an experienced, independent mediator to confidentially discuss issues and try to reach an agreement.
  • Information and resources: we offer a comprehensive website, a helpline, information materials, news and events to help you build your knowledge.
  • Knowledge building: we educate small business on business practice and behaviours that promote better decision making through events and initiatives.

Strategic plan

For information about VSBC’s strategic approach, download our latest business strategy.

Statement of expectations

The Minister for Small Business has issued a Statement of expectations for the VSBC to contribute to the Victorian Government’s program to reduce red tape affecting businesses by promoting greater efficiency and effectiveness in the administration and enforcement of regulation.

VSBC has been initiating projects to achieve the outcomes identified in the statement.

View the Statement of Expectations.

View VSBC’s response.


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