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Responding to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Changes to our services in response to COVID-19

Responding to your needs

The Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC) moved mediations from face-to-face to online via videoconferencing during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure you could still access our services.

The feedback on virtual mediations has been overwhelmingly positive, so VSBC mediations will continue to be held online.

If you have a scheduled mediation coming up or are planning to apply for mediation, we will walk you through your options and guide you in how to take part on the day.

We will keep providing access to face-to-face mediations in some situations, such as mediations about farm debt. Don’t hesitate to talk with us about your specific needs.

We are currently experiencing some delays because of the increased demand on our services, though are working hard to respond to the enquiries and applications we receive.

Online mediations: the real benefits

Our move to online has meant we are no longer limited by mediation room availability – either at our office or at locations in regional Victoria. Our panel of mediators can now provide significantly more mediations, enabling us to respond to a record increase in demand for our services.

In early 2022 we reviewed our changed model of service delivery to find out how parties are benefitting and where improvements can be made. So what did small business owners who have used our service, our mediators and trusted advisors to small businesses say?

  • Safe  it’s a COVIDSafe method for bringing you and the other party together for mediation
  • Accessible it removes the barrier of travelling to a set location and eliminates costs for petrol, public transport and parking, and you don’t need to take as much time away from your work and family
  • Calm – taking part in a session from your own home or business means that for some, mediation is less stressful, emotions are less likely to escalate and decisions are more likely to be made on the day.

Find out more about other benefits, tips for making the most of your online mediation and how to prepare by downloading our online mediation fact sheet.

More information

For more information, you can speak with a member of our team by calling 1800 878 964 or emailing us.


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