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Please note: the Victorian Small Business Commission’s (VSBC) current mediator panel is to be extended for a further 12 months. Applications from mediators interested in joining the VSBC’s mediation panel from December 2024 – November 2026 will open in September 2024.

VSBC mediation panel

Our mediation panel is made up of mediators with experience in commercial dispute resolution and a passion for helping small business people across Victoria to resolve their disputes quickly, efficiently and at a low cost.

We’re committed to building a diverse panel (metropolitan, regional and rural) that can provide an inclusive and accessible service. This is why we look to appoint mediators who, along with the requirements detailed below, identify as or have experience in providing mediation services to Victorian Aboriginal people, Victorians with a disability, disadvantaged Victorians or clients who have mental health challenges.

Mediators serve on our panel for two years. After this period, they can choose to reapply when the next round of applications opens.

Applying to become a VSBC mediator

The next round of applications to join our mediation panel from December 2024 – November 2026 will open in September 2024.

What do I need to have?

Applicants need to have:

What does the selection process involve?

During the selection process, we will take into consideration your demonstrated knowledge, skills and experience.

If you are shortlisted, we might ask you to attend an interview, which you may need to be available for at short notice.

What are the most important skills of a mediator?

More information

If you have any questions about the VSBC’s mediation panel, contact Elizabeta Galevska on (03) 9623 1158 or at elizabeta.galevska@vsbc.vic.gov.au.


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