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Supporting small businesses in Ballarat to stay ahead of the game

Victorian Small Business Commissioner Judy O’Connell will visit Ballarat to learn more about issues confronting local small businesses and to share practical tips for staying ahead of the game.

Commissioner O’Connell’s presentation is part of the B31 Ballarat Business Festival, which offers a broad range of events from starting a business and marketing through to effective leadership and management.

Commissioner O’Connell’s presentation is a networking opportunity that will equip small businesses with the knowledge and tools to grow.

Her presentation will explore:

  • cash flow and being paid on time
  • making the move to digital
  • how to make the most of the latest data analytical tools
  • the impact of online scams, cybersecurity and how to stay safe
  • what the nbn rollout means for small businesses in Ballarat
  • how the Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC) can help in resolving disputes.

The issues people in small business face in regional areas are often very different to the issues confronting Melbourne-based businesses.

We want to hear about the issues specifically impacting small business owners in Ballarat and talk about how these issues can be addressed.

Our B31 presentation will run on 13 August from 7.30–8.30am at Oscar’s Hotel and Cafe Bar. Tickets cost $10 (incl. GST) and bookings are via Commerce Ballarat.

Also as part of B31, the VSBC’s retail leasing expert Mark Schramm will deliver a free webinar ‘Setting up a shop or office? What you should always ask about your lease’. This webinar will draw on real-life scenarios and provide guidance on how to avoid the legal pitfalls. Bookings are via Webex.


For media enquiries, contact Christine Harris on 0436 698 132 or at christine.harris@vsbc.vic.gov.au.