The Victorian Small Business Commissioner, Judy O’Connell has visited Ballarat to convene a meeting about the impact on small business of upcoming infrastructure projects in the Ballarat CBD.

“With significant construction projects to be delivered in Ballarat over the next three years, it is vital that small business impacts be considered and addressed in both the planning and delivery phases,” Ms O’Connell said.

A group of key stakeholders, including Regional Development Victoria, VicRoads, PowerCor, Commerce Ballarat, Central Highlands Water, City of Ballarat and the Department of Justice and Regulation met to explore ways to minimise disruption, particularly to small business and CBD traders.

Key topics considered at the meeting included:

  • Identifying opportunities to support affected businesses
  • Development of a parking strategy to ensure continued access to CBD businesses, and
  • Development of a coordinated communication strategy to keep businesses informed.

“It was a great opportunity to get together with key players to work out how best to support small businesses during this period,” Ms O’Connell said.

Jodie Gillett, Chief Executive Officer, Commerce Ballarat, believes that the long-term impacts of the development projects will be positive for the City. “If we can work together to complete these projects with minimal disruption, it will bring great social and economic benefits to the Ballarat community,” Ms Gillett said.

The Victorian Small Business Commission aims to create a fair and competitive environment for Victorian small business with a focus on advocacy, small business community engagement, providing dispute resolution and monitoring the small business environment.


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