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Help in managing the impacts of infrastructure works on small business

Right now, there are more and more infrastructure projects happening across the state to meet the needs of our growing communities. It’s important that these projects continue, and that they’re planned and delivered with effective strategies to mitigate the impacts on our small businesses.

That’s why we’re engaging with key stakeholder, including local councils, about our practical guidelines that we encourage project managers to use to help mitigate the impacts on local business trade.

These guidelines show project managers how to engage with small businesses before planning starts and during construction works, and ways to consider their needs wherever possible.

As well as ensuring projects are managed in a consultative way, it’s equally important that business owners take steps themselves. No one knows your business and your customers better than you. That’s why you’re best placed to develop strategies to manage the impacts in ways that will benefit your business.

Access our guide for tips on:

  • understanding the scale of the project and the likely impacts on your business
  • planning communication with the project manager, customers and other local businesses
  • developing a disruption mitigation plan that works.

The outcome we’re wanting to see is that projects continue to happen and add value to our local areas without putting a strain on small business.

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