How we help

The Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC) was established to create a fair and competitive environment for Victorian small business to operate, grow and prosper through its four key functions – advocating on behalf of small business, resolving disputes, monitoring the small business environment and engaging with the small business community.

Providing dispute resolution services is a key role of the VSBC – the VSBC helps to resolve business disputes through preliminary assistance or mediation.

The process is simple: we invite both parties to discuss the issues they have and engage them in trying to resolve the dispute. Our aim is to help you avoid the cost, time and emotion of litigation.

The VSBC arranges confidential mediation of your dispute, under the guidance of an independent mediator.

Our service is designed to help you keep control of your dispute and avoid the cost, uncertainty, delay and disruption of litigation.

Our services

We can help you by providing accessible dispute resolution for your business.

The VSBC’s service:

  • is independent and confidential;
  • is no cost or low cost;
  • is quick with high success rates;
  • doesn’t require legal representation;
  • helps resolve disputes by thinking outside the square;
  • helps to ensure business relationships continue;
  • helps parties to avoid long, costly, emotional and disruptive litigation.


How much does it cost?

There is no application fee to refer a dispute with the VSBC.

Preliminary assistance is free. This where a dispute management officer will engage with the parties over the phone or email prior to mediation to try to resolve the dispute.

Mediation is $195 for each party for a half day session for:

  • retail leasing disputes
  • small business disputes

Mediation is $195 for each party for a mediation session (up to one day) for:

  •     farm debt mediation matters

Mediation is $95 for each party for a half day session for:

  • taxi operator – driver disputes
  • owner driver / forestry contractor disputes

The VSBC will determine  whether a mediation should be scheduled for half a day or a full day.

Mediation costs are payable on the day of mediation.


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