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Why go to mediation?

“Mediation I think is a real opportunity for people to keep control of the dispute, to try and work out for themselves a solution that works for them.” – VSBC mediator Danielle Huntersmith

The Victorian Small Business Commission’s mediation service is a quick, effective, low cost and confidential way to resolve a business dispute. Put simply, it works. It saves small business owners time and money that would otherwise come with going through the courts. It also helps to minimise the disruption that disputes can cause so you can get back to running your business sooner.

After submitting a dispute application to our team, we can arrange mediation within a few weeks, with most sessions taking less than a full day.

Mediation isn’t like sitting in a courtroom where a decision is handed down that you then accept. The process is designed to empower you to influence the outcome, where you are directly involved in the negotiation of your settlement.

Mediation sessions are informal yet structured, and are carried out in a meeting room with both parties seated around a table. The mediator doesn’t work through a rigid set of rules and procedures, rather they adapt the process to suit the dispute and best meet the needs of everyone involved. This flexibility allows for creative and business-driven solutions rather than legal judgements.

By going to mediation, you can resolve your issues in a less stressful environment than a courtroom. You can also reach resolution in a non-confrontational way, increasing the likelihood of continuing the business relationship.

“It’s really a discussion in a confidential and safe setting with an independent third party – the mediator – who helps them facilitate a productive discussion towards hopefully reaching some solutions.” – Danielle Huntersmith

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