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New land access agreement for miners and landholders

In Victoria, before an explorer can enter or access privately owned land for the purpose of exploring minerals, the land owner needs to give consent.

The Commercial Consent Agreement for Access to Private Land in Victoria (the Agreement)  is a new model agreement that can be used by landholders and explorers to provide consent to access and start exploration activities on privately owned land.

The Agreement has been created to help land owners and explorers agree on access to land and if any compensation is included.

The Agreement was developed in consultation with landholder and industry representatives. It details conditions the explorer must follow when undertaking exploration activities on the property. These conditions comply with the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 (MRSDA), Code of Practice for Mineral Exploration (Code), and industry best practice.

It covers the following key issues:

  • Access to the land
  • Conditions of access
  • Compensation
  • Dispute resolution

The Agreement also contains a pathway for small business landowners and explorers to resolve disputes. Under the Agreement a landholder or explorer can refer a dispute to the:

  • Mining Warden
  • Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC)

How the VSBC can help

The VSBC offers a low-cost dispute resolution service to landholders or explorers if there is a dispute.

Download the Small Business Dispute Form.

More information

Visit the Earth Resources website for more information on this agreement and other minerals related information.