About the VSBC

The VSBC has been helping businesses resolve disputes since 2003. 

We are the place to go for assistance and guidance on business disputes. As well as specific legislative functions, the VSBC can also arrange confidential, low cost, quick and effective mediation of your dispute, under the guidance of an independent mediator.

Some quick facts about the VSBC:

  • In 2015-16, 1912 applications for dispute resolution were lodged with the VSBC.
  • We performed 584 mediation sessions in 2015-16.
  • More than 81.8% of disputes were mediated successfully.
  • 30.6% of disputes were resolved through pre-mediation dispute resolution (preliminary assistance) by the VSBC (that is, we helped the parties over the phone or email), at no cost to the parties.

Who we are

The VSBC is a statutory office established by the Victorian Government in 2003 to enhance a competitive and fair operating environment for small and medium businesses in Victoria. The Victorian Small Business Commissioner is Judy O’Connell.

The role of Small Business Commissioner was an Australian first. The success of the VSBC has led to the establishment of Small Business Commissioners in New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and nationally.

What we do

The VSBC is dedicated to promoting a competitive and fair operating environment for small and medium businesses, and assists by:

  • promoting informed decision-making;
  • mediating business-business, business-government, retail tenancy, owner driver and forestry contractor, and farm debt disputes. From 30 June 2014, we are also responsible for resolving certain disputes between taxi drivers and operators which cannot be resolved by the Taxi Services Commission;
  • investigating complaints about unfair market practices;
  • minimising disputes between small and large businesses.

To find out more about the establishment of the VSBC and the reasons behind its introduction, see the second reading speech on the Victorian Parliament website.


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