A partnership between councils and the VSBC

The Small Business Friendly Council Initiative (SBFC) is a partnership between local councils and the Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC) and outlines ways that we can work together to the benefit of Victorian small businesses.  

The SBFC Charter outlines shared goals for both parties in working to create a fair and competitive trading environment for Victorian small businesses.

The commitments that each party will make to reach these goals are outlined in the charter with the key topics: 

  1. coordination of resources available to small businesses from local councils, Small Business Victoria and the VSBC 
  2. streamlining permit approvals processes for small businesses 
  3. supporting small businesses to build stronger trader networks  
  4. encouraging project managers to work with small businesses during disruptive infrastructure projects and following the Victorian Small Business Engagement Guidelines 
  5. promoting the Australian Supplier Payment Code and committing to pay small businesses paid within 30 days 
  6. creating strong and mutually beneficial channels of communication between the VSBC and local councils 

Councils that helped develop the charter

Following a facilitated workshop with local councils to co-design the initiative, the VSBC worked with stakeholders to develop the charter. Councils at the workshop were: 

  • City of Yarra 
  • City of Maribyrnong 
  • City of Kingston 
  • Whittlesea City Council 
  • Darebin City Council 
  • City of Melbourne 
  • Latrobe City Council 
  • Hobsons Bay City Council 
  • City of Moreland 
  • Knox City Council 
  • Frankston City Council 
  • Hume City Council 

The VSBC also worked with Local Government Victoria, Small Business Victoria and the Municipal Association of Victoria to develop this initiative.  


Download the Charter to see what councils have agreed to to help small businesses in their municipalities in Victoria.

Next steps for the initiative

You can view the Small Business Friendly Council initiative video on the VSBC You Tube channel.

Further information

A Ministerial launch is on Tuesday 21 May. 

If you have any questions you can email advocacy at VSBC.


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