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Application forms

Where possible, we ask that you please submit your application form via the online link or by emailing your completed form to enquiries@vsbc.vic.gov.au. There will be a delay in processing applications received via post during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Before you submit an application, we encourage you to try to resolve the dispute directly with the other party.

If you have been unsuccessful in resolving the dispute and would like to proceed to dispute resolution, please use the below application forms. These can be submitted online, emailed or posted to the VSBC, along with any relevant documents, such as a copy of a lease, expert reports, correspondence or photographs. If you intend to have someone else represent you at mediation, see information on Authority to participate in VSBC mediation.


Frequently requested forms

  • Request for a five year waiver certificate (Retail Leases Act 2003)

  • Application for appointment of a specialist retail valuer (Retail Leases Act 2003)

  • Disclosure statement (Retail Leases Act 2003)

  • Request for a waiver certificate (Owner Drivers and Forestry Contractors Act 2005)