Switching to NBN

Guide to switching your business

Whether you just need basic internet access or are planning a business wide digital strategy, an nbn™ powered plan is needed for your connectivity.

The nbn™ access network is being rolled out area by area. As each area switches on, homes and businesses within fixed line areas will have an 18-month ‘ready for service’ window – before existing services are disconnected. It’s important you switch affected services before your disconnection date, even if you only use a landline phone. For homes and businesses within NBN Co’s fixed wireless or satellite areas, you can choose to keep your existing copper service.

The nbn™ access network is a wholesale only network. Your phone and internet providers on-sell nbn™-powered plans to you.

The VSBC is working with NBN Co to help small businesses have a better understanding of how to connect.

Steps to make the switch

  1. Check your address by heading to the NBN Co website to find out specific information about your business.
  2. Identify the telecommunications and data services your business requires. These services could include multiple phone lines, EFTPOS terminals or cloud services. NBN Co’s business readiness checklist will help you identify this information.
  3. Contact your service provider to discuss your specific needs to ensure you get the most appropriate and effective solution for your business.
  4. Establish the business equipment you will want connected to the network such as security systems, fire alarms, printers or data backup solutions.
  5. Contact the equipment providers to make sure they are compatible with services being provided over the nbn™ access network.
  6. Consider the best installation spot and optimal Wi-Fi coverage conditions.

More information

For more information and support, visit NBN Co’s address checker where you can check when your area is scheduled to switch on or whether you can now connect and your disconnection date, if applicable.

To find out more about your internet connection for your business, go to ‘Check business’ on the NBN Co website.


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