Managing energy costs

The daily cost of running your heating and cooling appliances and even that extra machinery and lights can all add up.

With the rising cost of electricity and gas, now might be the time to review your energy consumption and see how you can cut some costs. Remember, no saving is too small!

You need to consider a few things when you start to review your workplace energy costs and needs:

  • Who is your energy retailer and can you get a better deal elsewhere? To help make sure you get the best deal, there are many websites you can use to calculate prices, including the Victorian Energy Compare website.
  • Managing you and your staff’s energy use. Save energy by switching the kettle off at the mains after every use. Turn all computers off at the end of the day as well. Leave signs around the workplace so everyone is reminded of how they can help.
  • Understand your energy bill. Sometimes bills can be difficult to interpret. If something doesn’t make sense, ring the provider to ask questions.

More information

For more information about how to reduce your energy bills in your business, visit the Victorian Energy Compare.

For more helpful tips about energy the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has produced ’10 Actions to Manage Business Energy Costs’ brochure.


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